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Time for the SB**** patch?
April 22, 2001 | Film
Imoen and SilverBrin return from a foray in bungie.net ranked with a film that will intrigue and tickle you. An honest to goodness Myth II anomaly presents itself for the first time to Wolfpack.

A Proving Grounds game starts with an immediate drop of the player in the most easterly start position. Instead of vanishing from the game as expected, the player's units remain and are reassigned to the other five players. All sorts of bizarre happenings occur as a result, and in the end, Imoen gets robbed of a legitimate win.

It's enough to issue the outcry "OMG YU CHETZ, I HAV FILMZ." But upon careful review, it appears to be a genuine bug.

Rather than try to summarize the film, here's a Hotline chat transcript that captures the moment:

Imoen: I just got 2nd in a BC proving game...and unit stats said I has -18% left
Magellan: regular myth?
cyberwulf: magellan is a frankenstein bot abuser
Imoen: yeah
Imoen: everyone was hearing random "casualty" sounds
Imoen: even if they werent losing units
Magellan: cool
Magellan: does it replay in the film?
Imoen: lemme look
Imoen: omg mag
Imoen: it does show
Magellan: hehe
Magellan: vg
Magellan: can you see what happened?
Magellan: sounds like a keeper film
Imoen: and even worse, they guy who won won by blowing up a army that should have been deleted by miff
cyberwulf: any hoo ...
Imoen: I had -5 units left :P
Imoen: ill ul film
Magellan: k
cyberwulf: l
Imoen: in my mm filmz uls
Imoen: it looks like someone dropped from the game
Imoen: and myth didnt delete their units properly
Magellan: this was on bnet?
Imoen: but it randomly assigned them to everyone else in the game
Imoen: yes, in wanked
Magellan: interesting
Imoen: and one guy killed them all
Magellan: mb its a new cheat
Imoen: he wouldn't have won if he hadnt got those free kills
Magellan: ya but mb the guy dropped for him
Magellan: ok i go watch film
<<< SilverBrin**** has joined >>>
<<< 4/22/01 12:12:45 PM >>>
cyberwulf: trust no one ... especially this guy
SilverBrin***: Kam
SilverBrin***: Did you watch film
Imoen: mm
SilverBrin***: Did you see the frozen army?
SilverBrin***: Thats why the game never ended
SilverBrin***: there was this army
SilverBrin***: At the side of the bored
SilverBrin***: it didn't show up on the overhead
Imoen: ya I saw
SilverBrin***: but they were all frozen in an attacking position
SilverBrin***: freakiest part was
Imoen: its also why the guy who won won
SilverBrin***: they all had names of our units
Imoen: ya
SilverBrin***: Like a warrior was Sb****
Imoen: thats why we heard casualties randomly
SilverBrin***: Maul Kam
SilverBrin***: yeah
SilverBrin***: I would have dropped
SilverBrin***: but you said not to
Imoen: it was worth it to get that film
Imoen: mag is watching it
SilverBrin***: Oh ok
SilverBrin***: Hehehe
SilverBrin***: Mag there are some interesting parts
SilverBrin***: I have 3 mauls on a trow
SilverBrin***: the trow kicks the middle one
SilverBrin***: all of the sudden my other mauls disapperar
SilverBrin***: Then when you are fighting that one guy Kam
SilverBrin***: He heals his Hg
SilverBrin***: and the graphic of the roots
Imoen: ya
SilverBrin***: stays there
Magellan: this is a pretty bizarre film ... but cool you were able to save it
SilverBrin***: and the randon stoning of your army
SilverBrin***: Mags
SilverBrin***: did you see where my mauls disappeared?
Imoen: ya I was like "wtf my tro wasnt stoned"
cyberwulf: eh?
SilverBrin***: Those were about the only things I could find
SilverBrin***: plus your -18 army
SilverBrin***: haha
SilverBrin***: Put that up on a site Mags
Imoen: ya know what I think happened
Magellan: it appears that when they bomb the bug army other units die as a result
Imoen: yes
cyberwulf: zzz
Magellan: ya this is a cool film for the film page
Imoen: and I think thats how I had -5 left
SilverBrin***: hha
Imoen: b/c I didnt have some of the units in my trade
SilverBrin***: Should I send it to Bungie or something?
Imoen: mb
Imoen: "omg yu suk gimme 1k points"
SilverBrin***: Yeah
SilverBrin***: It could not have been anything with connections could it
SilverBrin***: MB IF IT IS A BUG
Imoen: doubt it
SilverBrin***: THE SB BUG
SilverBrin***: OMG
SilverBrin***: I HAVE TO TAKE A DUMP
SilverBrin***: SB****
<<< SilverBrin**** has left >>>
<<< 4/22/01 12:19:29 PM >>>
Magellan: hmm
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